Princess for a day!

Princess for a day!

A real life Princess 

A little about Jessica 

Jessica suffers from a disease called CLN2 Batten’s disease which her older sister Nicole also suffers from.

Batten’s disease is a rare degenerative disease, it only effects 30-50 children in the UK, it first causes seizures, then gradual decline in a child’s ability to walk, speak and see, alongside
progressive dementia. The life expectancy for a child with this is 8-12 years.

Jessica received an early diagnoses of Batten’s disease as her sister Nicole already suffered from it, she receives treatment every week at the RVI to help with her disease progression. She is somewhat of a miracle as she is fighting all the odds, she can walk, talk and see which is unheard of for a child of her age with Batten’s.

Her favourite hobbies are arts and crafts, drawing and playing with her dolls house. Jessica’s other love is  watching her Disney cartoons & films, favourites  include- Sofia the first, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Tiana! In fact all of them….

So what other wish would Jessica want then to be Princess for a day !

Fulfilling the wish 

The day finally arrived and Jessica dressed in her princess attire, with her girl gang by her side they were beyond excited as they waited for what they thought was a Taxi to arrive and take them on their way for a Princess Party.

The girls shrieked with excitement as they could see a pink hummer in the distance, Jessica’s little face lit up as the hummer arrived to her home, the girls hand in hand climbed in to travel in style just like a real princess should. Then they were on there way for a special adventure while the Disney Princess tunes played.

The Hummer made it’s way to The Blow Lounge Beauty Salon in Seaham where a real Princess Party began. The girls were  greeted with popsecco topped with
candyfloss and a doughnut  wall, the pamper hut was like a mini pink palace, filled
with anything a princess could need.

Jessica’s girl gang were treated to a foot soak with princess petals, pink bubbles and floating mini unicorns, finishing with nails and toes painted in every colour imaginable.

Next came the makeup and hair station, the girls couldn’t wait to get their glitter and
sparkle on and they certainly did that, now they were all set to party.

Afternoon tea Princess Jessica style arrived in a mini carriage with everything a
princess would eat, of course that was hot dogs, fairy cakes and rainbow drops,
a perfect princess lunch.

After lunch came a truly magical surprise, the girls were all sitting waiting wondering what was to come? Then the princess music began to play and out came Rapunzel, Elsa, Ana, Cinderella and even Prince Charming.

More Magic

Jessica and the girls were mesmerized by all the characters and for the next two hours the girls partied with the Princesses and the Prince, playing games,  cup cake decorating, brushing Rapunzel’s hair, catching bubbles with Ana, singing with Elsa and she even made it snow….

And last but certainly  not least Jessica was crowed a real life Princess, complete with a crown and certificate by Prince charming himself, with her hand on her heart she promised to be brave, kind and a true princess.

Jessica is already all three of them things but now it’s official she is a real life Princess!

What a magical day had by all especially Jessica, Geniewish would like to say a special thank you to The Blow Lounge and to Happily Ever After Entertainment for making the day so very magical and special for Princess Jessica.

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