All Shook up!!!

All Shook up!!!

Welcome to Geniewish, making dreams come true.

The Wish

Elvis superfan Syd is always singing and dancing around his Northeast care home, making people smile with his Elvis impressions. Was there a way Geniewish could organise an Elvis performance and get Syd’s blue suede shoes on!! 

The Plan

We found a fantastic Elvis impersonator Dave Vincent, who had experience performing in care homes and could put the audience at ease, he was based all the way in Manchester but was willing to travel to Newcastle as we explained how much it would mean to Syd.

Fulfilling The Wish

The atmosphere was electric as the residents made there way to the lounge with Elvis greatest hits playing in the background.

The best seat in the house was of course saved for our superfan Syd as he was the star of the show.

Elvis kicked it off with ” The Girl of My Best Friend” and it wasn’t long before he has some of the more able bodied residents including Syd up on their feet and dancing away.

The highlight of the performance was most definitely Syd and Elvis’s duet of “I can’t help falling in love ” arm in arm as Syd took the lead on the chorus left everyone with a tear in their eye and a lump in their throat.

That special moment will stay with Syd and his family forever.

Thank you to all involved in creating Syd’s wish.

If you know anyone eligible for a Geniewish please contact us!! 


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