“Oh no you didn’t” “Oh yes we did”

“Oh no you didn’t” “Oh yes we did”

We granted another amazing wish today!

The Wish

Geniewish received a wish from a Resident in a local Northeast Care Home. Sarah simply wanted to visit the Pantomime!! 

The Plan

Sarah wasn’t well enough to travel to a Pantomime, so we brought the pantomime to Sarah. With the Care Home lounge set up as a mini theatre, we organised a local travelling theatre, Northeast Producers to put on a special performance of Alice in Wonderland, complete with a Carol Service. All the Care Home Residents were invited to come along and enjoy the festive performance.


Fulfilling The Wish

Christmas spirit came early to the residents as they dressed in their Christmas jumpers and smartest outfits, watching the special show of Alice in Wonderland.

More than 40 guests including Sarah sang along to the pantomime performance, there was lots of cheering, clapping, and “he’s behind you” fun had by all.

The show finished with a festive Carol Service including Jingle bells, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Sarah’s favourite Silent Night.

As the show ended and the residents began to make their way out of the lounge, Sarah held out her hand and as she passed in her wheelchair, I put my hand out, she grasped mine and mouthed the words “thank you” we had made her wish come true.

If you know someone in need of a wish, get in touch with Genie Wish, our team are here to make dreams come true.

A massive thank you to the Genie Wish Team, The Care Home Staff and Northeast Producers, who worked so hard to fulfil Sarah’s wish of visiting a pantomine, without them that special day would never have happend.



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