Osian’s Wish :)

Osian’s Wish :)

Can you help Osian’s wish come true!!!

About Osian

Osian was diagnosed with nonverbal autism at 2 years old. He has extreme complex needs which restrict him from leading a normal life. He’s a very active outgoing lad who loves people and the outdoors. He doesn’t keep still and can walk for miles. He would no doubt love playing sports if he could.

Osians parents find it very difficult to access the right stimulus for him because of the complexity of his autism so he often misses out on what normally kids his age would enjoy. His behaviours take a turn for the worse and he becomes aggressive when he is bored. It’s only getting harder as he gets older and bigger.

 The Wish

Osian’s parents found a club called Gateway Wheelers which provide disability bicycle sessions. They have side by side bikes which allows Osian to feel like he’s riding a bike whilst the person next to him does the cycling. He has access to the pedals so he can help cycle if he wants. He loves these bike sessions with his Mam & Dad – It would be amazing if Osian could come home from school and go out on his bike like other kids. The constant search for something he could access and enjoy would be over. His behavioural issues would improve and life would be better for him… life would be fun at last! 

Please help Osian’s wish come true and donate to Geniswish!

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